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DC Chinese Film Festival & The One

International Women Film Festival will together present ON BOTH SIDES OF THE CAMERA - Women in Film Retrospective.

The screenings will take place on November 7-10, 2019 in Washington DC.



This year, DCCFF brings the spotlight to

both female filmmakers and females on screen, with the goal of showcasing the

changes to women's role in society and

addressing issues of gender and sexuality.



With an emphasis on perspective, reflection and conversation, we will partner with Freer Sackler Gallery and Landmark Theaters to showcase multiple films from Chinese Mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Chinese American Cinema from different eras that are either made by female filmmakers or focus on female characters.

  Date & Time         Movie                                                            Location             Duration

  Thursday 11/7

   2:00pm-5:00pm        A touch of Zen | 俠女                                       Freer and Sackler          180

   7:30pm-9:09pm        Send me to the clouds | 送我上青雲        E Street Cinema              99

   9:10pm-9:40pm        Send me to the clouds Director Q&A| 《送我上青雲》導演對話

  Friday 11/8

   7:00pm-8:29pm         Small talk | 日常對話*                                       West End Cinema        89

   9:00pm-11:38pm       Lust, caution  | 色·戒*                                       West End Cinema       158

  Saturday 11/9

   2:00pm-3:30pm      Panel : The changing image of women in film   West End Cinema         90

   4:00pm-5:25pm        Woman demon human | 人鬼情               West End Cinema         115

   7:00pm-8:44pm        Siao Yu | 少女小漁                                              West End Cinema         104

   9:15pm-10:52pm     Saving face | 面子*                                             West End Cinema          97

  Sunday 11/10

   1:30pm-2:58pm     A first farewell | 第一次的別離                       West End Cinema           88

   3:30pm-4:50pm     I am another you | 我是另一個你 *              West End Cinema           80

   7:00pm-8:52pm     Long live the Missus | 太太萬歲                    West End Cinema          112

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* DCCFF special screening