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  • Rarely Normal


    Friday, Sept 28, 7:00pm-7:40pm E Street Cinema

    37min50s | China

    Director: Yaoyao 導演:妖妖

    Gouzi is an excellent soccer player, but destiny sends countless curve-balls her way. She has been living with a critical rare disease for 11 years. Yet she keeps on living her life with a playful and staunch spirit. Queerness, disability, life, love, affection and survival are just some of the pieces she uses to puzzle together her own true self.

  • The Story of the Stone


    DC Premiere1st Feature

    Friday, Sept 28, 7:50pm-10:30pm E Street Cinema

    1h46min | Taiwan

    Director: Starr WU 導演:吳星翔

    The story has been adapted from the classical novel of the same name, adapting the characters and events from the original story to life at the Red House in Taipei’s Ximending area.


    The film avoids focusing on moral issues and in making any judgments. It displays an honest and natural depiction. It depicts gay life in Taipei and discovers a darker side to Taipei, as well as exploring despair, reincarnation and hope.